Danilo de Campos Pacheco

Aerial Silks, Rope, Aerial Movement and Conditioning

Danilo began his artistic career through classical dance at the Ballet de Santos (Brazil) school.
He started circus at the age of 14, first in Brazil and then in London, at the Hangar Arts Trust. He was supported by the national grant of the Funarte (Brazilian Arts Foundation), then joined the preparatory circus school “FLIC” in Turin (Italy) before joining the CNAC (National Centre of Circus Arts) in 2012.

In his work, he met Séverine Chavrier, Mikael Serre, Jean Pierre Baro, Samuel Lefeuvre, Roberto Olivan, Johanne Saunier, Kitsu Dubois, Bruno Dizien and worked on a structure created by Mathurin Bolze …
In 2015-2016, he is invited teach as an artistic and technical coach of aerial silks at the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny-sur-Bois and has played in Bianco, Nofit State Circus/Firenza Guidi, in Cardiff, Auch-festival Circa, Hong-Kong, New York, London, Prague also played in Over The Cloud, CNAC/Jérôme Thomas, The Hidden Men, Premiere Matière Première, directed by Vincent Gomez (played at CENT-QUATRE in Paris)