From Monday 14th October A few changes will be put into using your aerial carnet. The carnet options and prices will stay the same but the booking system will be different – rater than using your carnet to book on varied classes every week you will now need to specify exactly which classes you would like to book on when purchasing the carnet.

For example

I bought a carnet for six classes, valid for 2 months. I book my classes every Monday for hoop class but I cannot attend the 5th class. This carnet allow me to change my regular booking once per carnet and it still gives me an extra 2 weeks to decide when I want to book my next class.

Specifications for each carnet are as follows:

  • Six classes carnet – valid for 2 months – 1 cancellation
  • Twelve classes carnet – valid for 3.5 months – 3 cancellations
  • Twenty classes carnet – valid for 3 months – 4 cancellations

In this way students will get better, regular training days and Gravity will know weeks in advance what classes will go ahead and when. We are aware that it will take a few weeks to get used to the new system but we are sure that in the long run it will benefit everyone.