Orfeo Llewellyn

Aeralist and Base

About Orfeo

Orfeo is a highly skilled aeralist and base specialising in dynamic technique and movement.

Having spent most of his life in the world of circus, Orfeo is well versed in teaching circus skills across all levels. He has also been involved in many sports activities including swimming, cycling, football and basketball, from a young age.

Orfeo has performed both nationally and internationally and is a graduate of Salpaus circus artist school in Finland. Having trained under Jukka Juntti for his rope training, Orfeo has learned a variety of dynamic technique on rope.

Orfeo is a coach who pushes students to understand what they are learning so that they may to be able to teach and train themselves in the future. He takes a personal approach to each student and strives to help each one find their own way of training and performing.