Jeniffer Cohen

Aerial Hoop, Flexibility and Movement

Jennifer is researching and breathing the circus field for about 12 years.

After retiring from the Israel national team in artistic gymnastics at the age of 16, she began to build her independent path as a circus artist without a formal training.

In the absence of a formal framework and the support of the Yogic way of life with the addition of inspiring teachers and encounters, Jennifer outlined her artistic and artistic path in the circus world from the attempt to create organisms and authenticity by observing and listening to the physical and mental body .

During her journey in the circus world and without any limitation or definition, Jennifer kissed various circus spheres from the ground and air fields, which allowed her to shape her personal style and knowledge and to express different qualities on the hoop element she currently specializes in.

Jennifer teaches an aerial and dynamic technique with an emphasis on the hoop element, and has experience in additional ground elements (hand stands, hand 2 hand and cyrwheel).

In her personal technique and performance, Jennifer uses movement qualities from different dance fields: Modern, Contact, Classical and release combined with acrobatics and flexibility, in her work she strives to break the barrier between the ground and the air and create freedom of movement witch combine the both worlds.

Her first performance was at the age of 16, and she have been preforming and teaching in Israel and over the world ever since, recently she have took a part in the shows “Sonar” and “Viaggio” by cirque du Soleil.