Yana Yanezic

Pilates and Ballet

About Yana

Yana Yanezic is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor with professional dance background and over 20 years of Pilates practice experience.

She started Ballet, Gymnastics and Ice Skating at the age of four and became a professional dancer by the age of sixteen.

Her dance career extends to Ballet and Modern Dance companies, commercial dance such as music videos for major UK and USA recording artists, music awards performances, film, TV, commercials and numerous dance and sports photography advertising campaigns.

Yana is also an accomplished  gold medalist in Tae-Kwon-Do martial art, as well as committed to Ice Skating and Water Skiing.

Yana approaches exercise intelligently, she is a Pilates Instructor who understands and applies suitable modification needed for an individual, whether it being a particular sport, professional dance or an individual in general, an instructor who applies basic or extended bio-mechanics science and anatomy of human body.

Yana’s long experience, perfection of application, hard work, dedication and deep passion as well as commitment makes her a valuable instructor in demand.

In her general group Pilates classes Yana strives to provide first quality of instruction, tailored to benefit all class members, modified to variety of levels and offers as much as possible of individual modifications needed within a class.

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